Silly Bookworm Bookmark Craft For Kids.

How to Make a Cute Bookworm Bookmark

People today read many books in digital form on an e-reader, while others still prefer their books printed on paper over an e-book counterpart. To them, the sensory experience of touching a book is so important that they do not want to give it up! Paper book lovers often feel that one of life’s greatest pleasures is sitting in a comfortable chair getting lost in a favourite book. Pass that love on to your kids with this cute and silly craft!

Make this bookworm bookmark to encourage reading in young kids. It’s even easy enough for smaller children to make successfully. This craft can double as a learning lesson to help your children understand the importance of reading. You can also make some of these bookmarks as a gift for your friends–they’ll giggle and think of you every time they look at this cute bookworm bookmark!

Age Guideline: 3 Years and Up
Time Required: 20 minutes or less
The above age and time guidelines are estimates. This project can be modified to suit other ages and may take more or less time depending on your circumstances. For best results, read through all of these steps before you start making this craft.

Gather Your Supplies

Scrapbook paper in your color and pattern choice
Tacky glue or glue stick
Googly eyes
Circle paper punch sized 1-3/4 inches
Fine-tip black Sharpie marker, Micron pen, or dimensional paint
Small paper hole punch
Toothpick (optional)
Thin ribbon in your choice of color

Cut out the Bookworm Body

For the body of the worm, cut five circles out of scrapbook paper with the large circle paper punch.

Little ones may need a bit of help from Mom or their teacher using the large paper punch.

Assemble the Bookworm Body

Using dabs of craft glue, assemble the worm body as shown in the photo. Start with the bottom of the worm and apply glue to the top of a scrapbook circle.

Place another scrapbook paper circle on top of the previous circle and press firmly with your hand to make sure the circles adhere to one another.

Continue gluing and pressing until all five circles form the body of the worm.

Draw the Bookworm Features and Insert Ribbon

Draw the worm’s eyebrows and smile with a Sharpie marker, Micron pen, or dimensional paint.

Punch a small hole onto the top of the bookworm’s head with a small paper hole punch.

Cut a piece of matching thin ribbon about ten inches long.

Pull the ribbon through the hole on the bookworm’s head and tie the ribbon into a knot at the top of the circle.

Cut the ends of the ribbon diagonally with scissors.

Glue Googly Eyes Onto the Bookworm Head

Glue two wiggly eyes onto the face of the bookworm under the eyebrows.

Tip: Sometimes it’s hard to spread glue from a bottle onto a small surface area. Use a toothpick if you are having trouble keeping the glue from making a mess on the bookworm’s face.

Just place a little bit of glue onto the toothpick and spread carefully over the back of the wiggly eye. You should be able to put the wiggly eyes on the bookworm’s face without spreading glue where it doesn’t belong.

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