How To Make A Paper Football.

Keep your young children occupied when the adults in the house want to watch football with a kid version of the game. Not everyone is an avid football fan, but almost everyone will enjoy playing the simplified version of table football. Paper or “flick” football is a game that is loosely based on the rules of American football, and is an entertaining table game that all ages will love. The object of the game is for two opponents to flick a paper football across a tabletop trying to have the ball hang off the edge of a table without falling. After scoring a touchdown, the player gets to flick the paper football through the goal.

Supplies and Materials

One sheet of 8.5 inches by 11-inch sheet of paper
Thin wood craft sticks
2.5-inch styrofoam ball
A sharp kitchen knife
Hot glue gun

Cut a Piece of Paper in Half

The first step is to fold and cut an 8.5 by 11-inch sheet of paper in half.

You will have better luck folding your football when using thinner paper, such as computer paper, rather than thicker paper sheets. Often when using thick paper, it becomes almost impossible to fold the paper in the last steps of the project.

Save One Half of the Cut Paper for Another Project

You should now have a paper rectangle that is approximately 4.25 inches tall by 11 inches wide.

You won’t need the other half of the paper for this project, but you can use it to create a second paper football or for another project altogether.

Fold the Rectangle

Fold the paper rectangle lengthwise. Use a bone folder to flatten the crease sharply.

The Horizontal Paper Fold

Starting at the right end of the folded half sheet of paper, fold the upper right corner downwards so that the top right corner is now aligned with the bottom edge.

Make sure to press each continuous fold down with your bone folder. The tool will help keep your paper football project folded evenly.

Grasp the bottom right edge point and fold to the left.

Grasp the bottom right point and fold upwards so that the point is aligned with the top edge.

Grasp the top right point and fold so that the point is aligned with the top edge.

Grasp the top right point and fold so that the point is aligned with the bottom edge.

Grasp the bottom right point and fold so that the point is aligned with the bottom edge.

Grasp the bottom right point and fold so that it is aligned with the top edge.

Fold the leftover paper diagonally onto itself from the bottom left corner toward the right, aligning the corner with the centerfold.

Tuck Into the Triangle Pocket

Tuck the left side of your triangle into the center pocket. You may have to fold over the left bottom tip to get it to slide easily into the center pocket. It may also help to squeeze the inner pocket open a bit to give you more room to push the left side of the triangle into the paper football.

Decorate Your Paper Football

Although it’s not necessary, you may wish to decorate your paper football with markers to make it look more like an authentic football.

Make a Goal

Some versions of the game require you to use your fingers to form a goal, and others suggest making a goal from popsicle sticks. It’s up to you to decide which version of paper football you want to play.

How to Make a Paper Football Goal

To make a paper football goal, you will need

Craft sticks

2.5-inch styrofoam ball
Hot glue

Determine how big you want your goal to be, and cut your craft sticks to size. Crafts sticks are very easy to cut with a sturdy pair of scissors.

Glue the sticks together with hot glue and let them dry before touching them.

In the meantime, cut the styrofoam ball in half with a serrated edge knife and use half of the ball as the goal base.

Place the craft stick goal into the top of the styrofoam ball, and your goal stand is finished!

Play Paper Football

Most people play the game as long as they want. There are no set rules as to time length or goals scored. Who knew a simple folded piece of paper could be so much fun?

Make a separate area in your home while hosting a Superbowl party for those that aren’t passionate football fans, but still want to get into the spirit of the day with a “flick” football table. Let’s play ball!

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