How To Make A Macaron Box.

Making a Macaron Box

Next time you get busy baking in the kitchen and want to gift individual-sized baked treats such as chocolate truffles or macarons to your friends, give this DIY treat box a try as making your treat boxes using paper is much more affordable than store-bought options. Using any patterned or colored sheet of letter-sized card stock you can assemble a mini treat box that would be perfect to package sweets and could easily be used for wedding or baby shower favours. To get started all you need is a sheet of card stock and some basic crafting supplies.

What You Will Need

Macaron box template
Scissors or a craft knife
Craft glue
8.5 by 11 inch or letter-sized card stock sheet (one sheet per box)

How to Make a Macaron Box

Download the macaron box template, and print the template onto a sheet of letter-sized card stock paper. If the card stock you are using has a different design or pattern on one side, make sure to load the paper so that the template will print on the backside of the card stock.
Using scissors or a craft knife cut out the exterior of the macaron box.

How to Cut and Fold the Box

To help you determine how to assemble the box using the template, refer to this diagram. All the red lines should be cut with scissors or a craft knife, while all the blue dotted lines ​indicate you need to fold on the line.

To get a nice sharp fold, one easy way is to align a ruler on each of the dotted lines and fold against the ruler to get a straight fold. After folding remove the ruler and score it against the edge to further press the fold down which will give you a nice sharp fold. Another way to get a crisp edge on your folded box is to use a bone folder.

Apply Glue

Once the box is fully cut out and folded apply craft glue to the four small tabs marked in the diagram. The glue is used to hold the sides of the box against each other. Make sure not to place any glue on the small tab at the top of the template as otherwise, you will glue your box shut before you have the chance to place anything inside of it.​

Finishing Up

Once the glue has dried after a few seconds you are ready to place your macarons or other small treats inside the box. This template is designed to fit two macaroons or two to three small truffles.

To close the box simply fold down the lid, if you wish you can put a small amount of craft glue on the final tab on the lid and then tie a ribbon around the box to further hold the lid down and decorate the box to look like a small present. Feel free to experiment using a variety of card stock colors and ribbons to make festive treat boxes perfect for baby shower favours or wedding favours, or to package take-home treat boxes for Christmas and Thanksgiving. The options are endless on the variety of boxes you can create.

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