How To Make A Baby Shower Banner.

Planning for the arrival of a baby can be stressful, but planning the shower shouldn’t be! With most of your free time spent focusing on preparing a nursery, baby-proofing your home, and accepting that your current lifestyle is about to change, you shouldn’t let planning the shower overwhelm you. This super simple, visually impactful DIY baby shower banner, is easy to make and can add sweet decoration to the nursery after the baby has come along.

This banner is a great DIY project to keep in your back pocket, as it can be changed easily into a birthday banner, wedding shower banner, or welcome banner. You can experiment with using different shapes of craft paper or go with a bunting style. If you want to make your banner more seasonal, consider adding some fake (or real) flowers during the spring and summer months, colored leaves in the fall, or snowflakes in the winter. We kept our banner basic to act as a jumping-off point for your creativity to flourish. If you want this banner to feel more “rustic,” consider using twine to hang the doilies instead of ribbon.

Gather the Materials

For this craft, you will need the following supplies

Craft paper or decorated card stock
Doilies (one for each letter)
Pens for lettering or alphabet stamps
Craft glue
Washi tape

Draw Circles on Card Stock

Your banner can simply read “Baby,” or perhaps you want to try a phrase such as “It’s a Girl!” or “It’s a Boy!” Now is the time to figure out just what your banner should say.

If you are making the banner for a friend and you know the baby’s sex, feel free to use colors to fit the baby shower. You can use pre-decorated craft paper or make your own with card stock and watercolor paints.

You will need one doily and one circle of card stock per letter. The circles you draw should measure to fit the in

Cut Your Craft Paper to Fit the Doily

Use scissors to cut out the circles of your craft paper or decorated card stock. For our decorated paper, we used watercolors to paint the background.

Letter the Craft Paper Circles

If you are good at calligraphy, now is the time to show off your fancy letter work! Use a pen or marker in a bold or contrasting color to write one letter on each of your circles. For our banner, we wrote the letters by hand without a stencil.

If your letter work needs assistance: Use a computer to find a font you feel comfortable tracing and print out the letters. Having a guide will help you achieve the look of a stamp or professional quality.

Glue the Circles Onto the Doilies

Once your craft paper circles have been lettered, use glue (white, clear, or a glue-stick) to adhere them to the center of your doily. Allow to dry.

Use a thin layer of glue so that the delicate doily paper doesn’t get saturated and tear.

Measure Ribbon to Hang Your Banner

Do you want to hang your banner in a doorway, over a fireplace mantel, on a wall, or in a nursery? The length of the ribbon you use to hang your banner will depend on where you want it to go. Cut your ribbon accordingly.

Attach Your Doilies to the Ribbon

You will need to use one clothespin per letter to attach your doilies to the ribbon. If you want to add something extra to your banner, feel free to decorate the clothespins. We recommend using washi tape or acrylic paint to add another pop of color, or a strip of lace to achieve a sweet-as-can-be look. It can be as subtle or bold as you want!

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