Hallstatt Best View Points The Perfect Photography Locations.

Welcome to Hallstatt, the small town where fairytales come true. This quaint Austrian village has become incredibly popular among tourists due to its undeniable charm and beauty.

With only 778 residents, Hallstatt is becoming one of the most visited towns in Austria. Wooden houses guarded by tall mountains are sitting right on the edge of Hallstatt Lake. The view is truly incredible and a dream for any photographer.

If you are searching for the best viewpoints in Hallstatt, you are in the right place. These Hallstatt photography locations are great for both amateur and professional photographers. Grab your camera and get ready to shoot some incredible views.

Hallstatt photography tips

Before talking more about the best photography locations in Hallstatt, I want to share with you a few photography tips that will make your life easier.

Summers can get pretty busy in Hallstatt. If you don’t want to worry about hundreds of tourists getting into your shot, avoid summer, Christmas and national holidays.

Make the most out of your time. Hallstatt is an expensive town. Wake up early and start shooting.

Bring all the gear you need with you (charger, cables, lenses, memory cards). Hallstatt is very small and you won’t find electronics shops.

Hallstatt City

Part of Hallstatt’s charm is its beautiful wooden houses. Head to the city center and look up. You’ll see layers of beautiful homes lined up at the base of the mountain.

Don’t be afraid to get lost. Hallstatt is a small town after all. Explore the small alleys and find the best viewpoint. I loved exploring small streets with beautiful restaurants and boutique stores.

Hallstatt Salt Mine

One of the most popular photography places in Hallstatt is the salt mine. Take the funicular, as I did, or hike to the salt mine and you will be rewarded with an impressive view towards the town and the Hallstatt Lake.

If you’re lucky, you can even catch one of the boats that connects Hallstatt to the nearby cities. For a splash of red and orange, visit this Hallstatt viewpoint during autumn.

Hallstatt World Heritage Skywalk

The Hallstatt World Heritage Skywalk is just a short walk away from the salt mine. I recommend arriving here early in the morning if you want to have the place to yourself.

During peak season and weekends, the platform can get pretty busy just like in the picture above.

Hallstatt classic view

This is by far the best view in Hallstatt. This town became famous due to this incredible viewpoint and now everyone wants to take photos here.

You can find this famous Hallstatt viewpoint on Google Maps by searching for “Hallstatt Postcard Angle”. I have to warn you, this place is quite busy. Getting up early in the morning will save you a lot of time.

Hallstatt Catholic

One of Hallstatt’s secrets is the view from the Catholic, near the Ossuary. Not many people know about this place but the view towards the city and its other is truly amazing.

While you are here, pay a visit to the Hallstatt Ossuary too. Unusual and creepy at the same time, the Ossuary is one of the must see attractions in town.

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