Fantastic Finger Food Recipes.

In our house, a lot or socializing happens in the fall. There are school functions, parent meetings, sports team events, and what have you. We’re the kind of eager cooks who will happily bring some kind of homemade snack to just about anything but we’re also total DIY nerds who love to keep the things we made seasonal so they really make everyone feel at home no matter what time of year it is. That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled for fall finger foods lately!

Caramel apple nachos

Besides being the parent who loves to cook and share what you’ve made, are you also totally that parent who is always sneaking elements like fruit into otherwise treat-base snacks, just to show your kids how delicious eating good things can be too? Then we we think you just might be the perfect person to give these mouthwatering caramel apple nachos outlined step by step on Lil’ Luna a try!

Spinach artichoke pinwheels

Just in case you’d prefer something savoury and perhaps a little closer to being an appetizer, since the event you’re taking snacks to is awkwardly timed right near a meal and you know people will be hungry, here’s a portable version of a classic flavour combination! Check out Yellow Bliss Road to learn more about how they made these satisfying spinach artichoke pinwheels.

Maple bacon butternut squash skewers

Like us, have you completely fallen in love with how hard the idea of putting maple bacon elements into just about anything you make is trending right now? Well, we make recipes based solely on the inclusion of the words “maple bacon” all the time, so we sure can’t say we blame you! Check out Bite Sized Kitchen to learn how one of our favourite of those dishes, maple bacon butternut squash skewers, were made.

Harvest cheese ball

In our opinion, cheese balls are such a classic when it comes to making finger foods that we think literally every person in the world deserves to try them at least once in their lives. Besides loving how the traditional recipe tastes, we also completely adore that there are so many flavourful and seasonal adaptations of that basic idea! That’s why this utterly scrumptious looking recipe from Daily Appetite caught our eye. Check out how they made this harvest cheese ball that’s covered in all kinds of delicious autumn ingredients.

Slow cooker apple cider maple meatballs

Despite being bound and determined to take some kind of finger food to an event this week, are you also working full time and raising several kids, so you’re having trouble figuring out a good time to make something that really tastes worthwhile? Well, if you have a crock pot or slow cooker then we’re about to answer all your hopes with this recipe from Mom on Time Out! Their tutorial walks you through the quick and simple process of making these slow cooker apple cider maple meatballs that are so good no one will be able to stop at just one.

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